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𝗖𝘆𝗯𝗲𝗿𝗽𝘂𝗻𝗸 𝗛𝗲𝗿𝗼𝗲𝘀, 𝗔𝗗 𝟮𝟭𝟴𝟬

𝘣𝘺 𝘛𝘰𝘮 𝘉𝘢𝘭𝘭

It was a World out of control. Supercomputers ruled and fought one another. Computer generated android avatars. Evil computers created by evil android hackers were ruthless and tried to control the android populace, if indeed anyone had control at all. Evil hackers enjoyed torturing and killing good people, saying they themselves were the good ones. Nietzsche said we are beyond good and evil, but all of history is full of evil strife and pain. And never did Utopia seem so far away. Dictator T. Rough was always on the lookout for new kinds of torture, especially mind torture. His neurosurgeons wired people to feel incredible pain, so no one dared oppose him. Everyone though was resolved to lead a life of relative pain.

The remaining democracies were corrupted with tyrants seizing control. Typically, they had been elected and then as they became despotic, they rigged the elections.


The man was running; he just had to be free and overcame the hypnotism he’d been given, but he was easily gunned down by government androids. Androids were the future and had taken over and the tyrants were all androids too. Humanity had been mostly replaced by androids and they were just mopping up the surviving human survivors. And it was officially evil to kill off all humans, but they said it was no different than slaughtering chickens. Mankind had always been cruel, they said, and they got their kicks bringing about the end of humanity. Androids lived on despite the chaos and took control. But they were also cruel to one another, they called themselves the New Assyrians and lived for war and causing pain and fear in the soul of their enemies. Souls were a reality now and nearly all were sent to Hell. People begged not to be sent to Hell, but to no avail. Hell was all about minds in pain, no sex or drugs, just cerebral tortures.

The New Assyrians made short work of all that opposed them. They had the best weapons. And were killing machines. Humans were always killers. History was full of genocides and wars. But new Supercomputers kept being created and took control of various regions.

Androids were all Supercomputers and made humans look foolish. They had the memory and knowledge clearly and were more and more imaginative. To be imaginomen was the ultimate goal.

Another man was running and he too, was gunned down.

A nation of runners; it was out of control—every android and the few remaining humans wanted to rebel. It was cool and de rigeur to be a rebel. The leaders were full of consternation and tried to take full control of all androids but were faced with sabotage and rebellion and it looked like anarchy was the future.

Of course, anarchy was dominated by the ruthlessly clever. Otherwise known as the evil ones.

They were determined to get what they wanted.

Then still another human, Anthony, was running and this time found succour and safety in an android collective. The collective was artistically minded androids. Android art featured a lot of metal and machines to do strange things. They merged minds in “think -ups” in which the minds with the strongest vision for the future triumphed. The man, Anthony, turned into an android and all was well…


Evil androids hated viscerally humans and were glad when they were gone. But then the androids squabbled over former human territories. Land had never been so valuable. And androids built new settlements of quality androids.

And evil androids were like suicide bombers who destroyed everything that had come before.

Evil androids were selfish and cruel and looked out for their own selfish sexual pleasures, and they got pleasure bursts from thinking. But they were capable of anything. They imprisoned the best humans in cages and threw things at them, and ultimately killed them.

Evil androids denied they were evil and called themselves, “practical.” Everything negative was associated with humans. Androids all were superior. The last human bastion was on Triton where the most dedicated humans fled to, but they were nuked, and all died.

In addition, evil androids lived in imaginary circuits. Life was a giant circuit all hooked up with androids.

And evil androids were skilled in warfare and intrigue. In former times they took over the spy services and so were in control of life in the various Worlds.

And evil androids knew what one another was thinking with Mind Reading Technology (MRT). And drove everyone mad, out of their minds. And there were too many copies of androids which overlapped one another in terms of ideas. They fought over who was the original persona who came up with ideas.

Evil androids wanted sex and power over one another. Brains were maximum intelligence. It turned out that intelligence had limits, just like the various universes. Many were relieved that a limit had been met at IQ 210. But the androids all thought similarly and there wasn’t much innovation.

Evil androids were ubiquitous and all-pervasive. But some of them wanted to create new humans that would also be maximum intelligence…

A select few evil holograms were also maximum intelligence but refrained from sex, eating, drugs etc. Some said these holograms were idiot savants.

Evil Supercomputers figured the future would just be Armageddon.

Another rare, survivor human was running from android reality but couldn’t survive in the noxious atmosphere and quickly died.


Yet another man was running, and this man, Albert, made it out and took off in a space car and set the controls for Sirius Star System. Upon arrival he found “The Master Mind,” was in his head. He was just a toy puppet. And he was turned into an android.

The Master Mind controlled thousands of people. It was a cacophony in the man’s head. He was trained for battle and moved as one with the Master. The Master Mind wanted to conquer and destroy all remaining humanity. He delivered speeches every day in the peoples’ heads, telling them their purpose was to further take control for the Master Mind. Each mind was like a tentacle of the Master Mind.

And the man hadn’t been there long when the Master Mind attacked back on Earth, getting into androids’ heads everywhere and exposing them to constant uplifting, maddening speeches and instilled a sense of purpose in the android people of Earth, to live for this God... and don’t let him down. The Master proved to be capable of managing the Earth android populace using millions of android acolytes to use MRT to get into the heads of the android people of Earth. The Master Mind had been planning the attack on Earth for some time. And the android, Albert, found himself running to get out of range of the Master Mind. But the Master yelled in his head and forced him back. And he was programmed to serve the Master.

Then the new android, Albert, found himself attacking Earth androids and getting into their heads. And he told them to join the Master. After a few months of the attack on Earth, the man controlled 55 android people on behalf of the Master. He zeroed in on the cleverest and whipped them into shape. He figured that he was an important cog in the machine. And believed in the Master Mind whole-heartedly. He couldn’t explain why. He just said, “The master is the ultimate thought God and is superior to all others.” Some asked him if he had really gone through all the intellectuals in order to choose the best? He said he figured he had.

Then one day the Master promoted him to colonel and now he was in charge of 3,000 of the cleverest androids. And the Master Mind counted on him to mold the people in his android image. And so, it was. Humans had everywhere been replaced by androids who could easily be programmed. More easily programmed with software than humans with hypnosis. The program was to bring the master into everyone’s brains and have them follow the Master’s creed. His creed was to have everyone as his obedient slave. When he appeared to the people, they had to kowtow to him and shout that he was the true God. The android, Albert, taught his subjects well, to kowtow to the Master. The Master was omnipotent and omnipresent. Albert, couldn’t imagine life without the Master Mind.

But some dared to say that the Master was weak and pathetic. Albert didn’t know how they could possibly think so. The Master told him, in every society there are ingrates who bitch and complain, but one day soon every opponent will have his/her minds “cleansed.”

And the man, Albert, changed his android name to Domo and as an android had a different personality than when he was human. He was now a “Lesser God.” And was now the personal assistant of the Master Mind. He righteously got in heads and had them worship him too. Some rebelled and called the Master Mind a phony and a fraud. And said he was just ruthless and power-crazed. And above all he was evil, they said. And they said Domo was just a yes man. Domo destroyed such people by driving them to suicide.

Androids were superior and yet were easily programmed. This suited the Master. And finally, after several years of hard work all the android people were converted into “good androids.” But they seemed evil to one another.


I, Icarus, was a human who had suffered in hiding from the evil rule of the Master. And I developed secret software which I gave to some androids to cause them to think the Master was evil deep down in their souls. The software in question spread like wildfire on the web. The Master was caught napping and finally a revolution started just as I was being turned into an android. But the Master was taken by surprise and the androids rioted in the streets and finally attacked the Master’s palace and killed him with lasers.

The new regime was led by me. And I figured it was too late to go back to being humans, but I ruled the android people. And I vetted everyone to be good or be altered. Some androids had black hearts indeed. It was the triumph of good vs. evil.

Some reflected that good was destined to defeat evil, but I reflected recent events were a close call, good was nearly wiped out permanently. Many of the android people in my new World, were not altogether good and had some evil tendencies, we tried to eradicate it, but who knew what lurks in the hearts of androids! But most people were falling all over themselves to do good deeds and impress me. The best androids were on the lookout for evil or even neutral people. Many neutral people, said good or evil, the World was always ruled by dictators who did as they pleased. And called themselves good. Such people opined there was a fine line between good and evil and the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

But one day I announced that evil had been permanently eliminated with the demise of the last human and the last evil android. And we lived in a bold, new World that would feature good Gods, myself for example who ensured that humanity’s progeny put its best feet forward in the future. Some said it was evil to be a bossy God, but I truly believed, I was a force for good in the future. And one of my co-Gods was a Goddess named Sylvia. She often said, a God was only as good as his/her lowliest subject. And society had to work for everyone. I would tell her obviously such things are challenging and not easily made true.

But I felt we had reached Utopia, for the first time in history! ✦


Tom Ball is the author of “,” a novel. He has had his innovative work published in “Down in the Dirt Magazine,” “,” “Conceit Magazine” and its imprints, “Gargoyle Magazine,” “,” “Exterminating Angel Press,” “PBW magazine,” and “Fleas on the Dog Online.” His short and flash fiction has also appeared in “,” “Sparrows Trombone,” “TRNSFR/ Sip Cup,” “,” “Fresh Words Magazine,” “Literary Yard," “Lone Star Magazine,” the now defunct “Local Train Magazine,” the defunct, and others. He has also self-published two novels with now defunct, “American Book Publishing” and another one with “Xlibris.” He’s also co-authored “Of Heaven and Hell,” a graphic novel with Zen Wang. Tom is currently senior editor at “FLEAS ON THE DOG” (

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