These thinking war machines have lost their way and — to their horror — found they’ve inherited the post-apocalyptic world they created.

When Julia calls Clone, Inc. for help with her malfunctioning clone, what she discovers is nothing less than the heartwarming realization of what it means to be human.

What do our computers desire and how do they make the most of their talents, capabilities, and potential (when we’re not looking)? Read “A.I. Artiste” to find out!

A group of peace activists are planning a protest at a secure, US strategic air base in Germany, but nothing is as it seems in this action-packed tale of deception and intrigue.

In this cleverly written short story inspired by Kathleen McClung’s award winning novella, “A Juror Must Fold in on Herself," Thomas Willemain touches on the deeper meanings of justice and art in a world where both are in short supply.

The power of speculative poetry is on full display as John Grey takes us on a voyage into the very core of existence with powerful, beautifully composed verse.

Laura’s charismatic aunt Edie has been dead for years, but one day, Laura finds herself sitting right across from what she swears is her Aunt Edie's double! Memories flood into Laura’s mind, and there’s a lot to unpack from her intriguing, ‘twilight zone’ encounter.

In this high-seas fantasy, a jack-tar protagonist finds himself flung into the warm and salty waters of a familiar, yet eerie world on the mysterious vessel called The Draak. While krakens and the sleek bodies of unseen predators glide past the ship, the real mystery is not what’s happening beneath the waves, but what’s going on aboard!

The world never stops churning, but amidst the chaos comes that moment of realization—the still point — where time and space recede and one figures out exactly where they stand in the immense river that is the universe.

Lost your job? Not to worry, we can upload  a new skill set! The question is, will your newly found abilities pass the smell test?

Eirlys is facing a dilemma: She’s old and tired — her body is breaking down, and it will soon give way. She knows what she must do, but can she do it in time? Rich in metaphor, this is a tale of renewal solidly anchored in the occult.

Digital 'speculative' photographic art by Jim Zola.

Behind the 99 lies eternity, before them — immortality... at least until their time on Earth comes to an end!

Read about the dreams and struggles faced by Jack London in this essay focusing on the last book to be published in London’s lifetime, The Star Rover — a strange sci-fi tale about solitary confinement and interstellar reincarnation!

Once there were thriving cities, wonderful science, life-saving research on Earth. Humans worked hard. And then we invented robots to do all our work for us so we could only live for pleasure! That was wrong and dangerous! But the work-free humans didn’t realize it — until the terrible challenge came and the world of the humans was taken away from them.

Powerful, fantasy-themed poetry celebrating the divine feminine, delivered with an unwavering voice.

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