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Some knew it was true while many felt it was true... Now, thanks to a FOIA request, the truth is out there!

It wasn't just the tech that caused the biodomes on Altair V to fail — no, it was the godforsaken nature of the place...

Robert Pope presents us with a brilliant, layered, and nuanced look at the internal workings and emotions of "Desmond," as he experiences the dawn of his own "mechanical consciousness."

In this wonderful poem, Kim Whysall-Hammond gives us a glimpse of what obsolescence feels like, from an android's perspective.

A psi has the unique ability to touch your mind and tickle your desires. What happens when two psis meet on an abandoned New Jersey turnpike? A showdown like no other!

Have you ever wondered what others might be thinking? Pandora did. And when she was fitted with some tech that allowed her to send and receive thoughts, she got a bit more than she bargained for.

What is it like to travel light years to find a new home? Once there, things seem slightly off, and with a loss of familiarity comes an unmooring which the poet captures brilliantly in these verses.

The "Little Wild" is what they called their little piece of heaven on Earth, a beautiful, little homestead located in an enchanted domain where dreams meet fairy tales and become real...

In the world of theatre, we call Macbeth "The Scottish King," for uttering his name inside a theatre (other than as called for in the script while rehearsing or performing) will, without fail, lead to disaster!

When young Jonah discovers an enchanted button made of whale bone, it opens up an entirely new world which he must now make sense of.

Speculative poet Richard Stevenson is back with an offering of short, innovative verses that blend genres and defy established poetic forms.

Speaking and verbalizing is so 21st century... No, in the future, we emote and we sign. It all makes for a very interesting concert!

They promised they'd be back... 

Follow a pair of extraterrestrial explorers/scientists as they try to figure out the value  proposition embodied in 'human biology.'

In Markus Kijani Wissen's time, just as in any other, the instinct to rebel against injustice is natural and wholesome. Indeed, it's the only 'antidote' people possess to counter the "greater good."

Hidden away in the mountains of Chile, a monastery with a secret up against an American journalist hellbent on uncovering it. Our editors' pick for story of the year — venture into this time-bending mystery as old as the universe itself.

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