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WARNING! This issue is RESTRICTED to ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY, 18+   It contains substantial sexually explicit content with multiple partners, and graphics & language that may be considered offensive to some readers. All sexual activity described and depicted is consensual and all sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older.

Welcome to the 2022 Summer Issue, guest edited and curated by Ralph Greco, Jr.

"Koi No Yokan" is a science-fiction/erotica short story only the great M. Christian could have penned. Such lush, cross-genre type pieces are this famous writer’s forte (actually, everything M. Christian writes is their forte).

Delon Tusk (not his real name, just so you know) gives us his essay "Sex and the Singularity," and if you don’t think this is the way things are, then you haven’t been out and about lately.

"Gloria," by Jack Howling, sets the whole idea of a captured alien (like in the movie Alien) on its ear, or maybe on its back, to the side or bent over.cs, or an odd combo of all of the above…? Let John Grey’s powerful verse transport you to the future to find out!

Tim Jeffreys brings us back to Earth with his On Hinsley Knoll, making us consider just what is where and what it might still be doing.

"Obscene" marks what’s truly grand about a collection like this; readers get to enjoy the mix of poems, essays, art, and short stories. This first poem of this naughty summer issue has Peter Mladinic ruminating on exactly what is and what is not ‘obscene.’

"Lustmord," from Julian Grant offers a lustful look into a horrific time in history, and how revenge can be enacted in the most surprising of ways.

Ralph Greco, Jr.’s "The Very Best of Futures with the LadySpike," follows, complete with a wonderful bawdy illustration from this issue’s cover artist, Joe Swarctz. 

"My Gigolo from the Galaxy," is another erotic poem, of ‘no-hands’ and much more, reaching across the parsecs of space, written by LindaAnn LoSchiavo.

Eloi Roman Bengochea spins us back in time in Egypt’s ribald past, when gods ruled and women drooled, in one of the longer stories here, "Karnak Desire."

In Deborah Thomas’ Love Poem to a Network Administrator, we get a woman expressing her deepest desires to the admin that keeps her warm, working and seemingly wanton.

Kris Cherita explores a futuristic peep show in "Bedroom Eyes," proving that basic things may not be so different, even many years hence.

Joe Swarctz and Ralph Greco, Jr. (RGJr. being the editor of this summer issue of Grandfalloon) are at it again in their two-development ‘graphic novel’ satire about the initial development of cell phones, "The Smarquim Seduction."

Richard Stevenson’s "Jorogumo," poem is yet another dive into space creature-feature erotica.

The book nest features a classic science fiction story, Elaine Wilbur’s "The Hero." Another wonderful aspect of a digest-sized science fiction publication like this that in spinning across the gooey byways of erotica stories, essays, drawings, and poems, one finds a classic like Wilbur’s tale among all the more modern stuff.

And lastly, Mark Pearce offers a ‘meta meditation,’ if you will allow the use of this phrase, in his short "The Erotic in Science Fiction." 

To download a copy of the latest issue (or prior issues) of Granfalloon, please click here.

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