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Image by Noah Buscher
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Welcome to the Old Morris Stamp Shop where philately meets wanderlust… It’s as easy as putting a stamp on an envelope, but don’t break the unwritten rules of the store or you might find yourself lost in the vagaries of the postal system.

This powerful poem by Deborah Thomas bridges more than heart and soul, body and mind, and physics and metaphysics — it forms a bridge between this dimension and another.

Call your agent and visit the open house, but throw away the feature sheet — because you’ll find that the house in this brilliant, Bradbury-esque offering by SG Ellerhoff will exceed your expectations in every way!

What does the future hold for having a baby? DNA hacks, AI, eugenics, or an odd combo of all of the above…? Let John Grey’s powerful verse transport you to the future to find out!

It’s race day. She spots Carl from a mile away. Their eyes lock… She’s beautiful; her chartreuse green hair is positively radiant. Carl has no idea what he’s getting into — all he knows is that he’s willing to risk everything for this strange girl with chartreuse green hair.

Delve into another offering by our resident cryptozoologist-lyricist, Richard Stevenson as he transports us to Wales to meet a local legend!

Join a motley group of Western gunslingers and trusty ole ‘Miss Kitty’ as they fight wicked creepy-crawly creatures and try to trace where the beasts are coming from in this wonderful tale by master storyteller Robert Pope!

Check out our Spring 2022 Poetry Spotlight featuring two beautifully-paced, thought-provoking, and deeply meditative poems by Nicole Bird.

The world may have changed dramatically, but for Tom Barclay, it’s the same sun — and the same old dawn.

In this poem, Kim Whysall-Hammond takes us on a journey into deep space to explore the inner worlds of a spacefaring couple trying to cope with what the universe throws at them.

In this provocative selection of microfiction, MD-turned-writer Serena Ungureanu takes inspiration from the absurdist work of Daniil Kharms while speculating what he might have written if he had decided to dabble in writing science fiction.

In this erotic space drama, author Ralph Greco Jr. takes us from the realm of the possible to the impossible-made-possible on an alien planet dominated by masters of illusion currently in the midst of political crisis. Ralph will be guest editing the special, erotic-themed Summer 2022 issue of Granfalloon.

In the ‘70s, Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill (wıth the help of NASA Ames Research Center and Stanford Unıversity) held a series of space colony studies exploring the possibilities of humans living in giant orbiting spaceships — we present here a series of artistic renderings of the colonies for our readers.

To download a copy of the latest issue (or prior issues) of Granfalloon, please click here.

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