We start this issue with a poem told in the voice of an exobiologist studying the flora of the faraway planet of Eukar — oh, what ‘endless forms, most beautiful’…!

Beach is on a mission. The details are sketchy. As he tries to piece together the puzzle of why he’s there, beach finds himself embroiled in the twists and turns of the orbiting space station.

Experience David Davies’ poetry as he presents us with The Conglomerant — a very special ship pieced together by an intergalactic clan of spacefaring tinkerers!

Queen to King’s Rook 5, then O-O-O! A father and son duo are huddled in a game of chess, and the stakes are high — they go beyond the board, beyond the game, and beyond the pieces…

Surreal monsters, ghosts, and Frankenstein goblins! All part of cdd20’s stunning gallery of animated imagery, here for all to view until November!

These wonder-filled poems by Luke Dylan Ramsey portray an A.I. mother, shepherding what left of biological humanity through the doldrums of ‘life.’

Elijah was always special and he knew it. But baseball was the one true love of his life — when it came to baseball, he would do anything, even if it meant risking everything to stand up to the school bully in his own way.

To begin our Samhain/Old Hallow’s Eve offerings, we present Rebecca Siân Pyne’s tale of the trials and tribulations of a sin eater as he tries to navigate an evening filled with spiritual fights and frights!

We are pleased to present a feature interview with speculative poet, author, and musician Richard Stevenson. So throw on your favourite spacey jazz album and sit back as Richard talks to us about monsters, his adventures in cryptozoology, thoughts on poetry, and his past, present & forthcoming projects.

Readers are in for a treat with this fairytale-esque tale describing the adventures of a young lad who won’t allow problems at home to curtail his dreams!

In this poem, Peter Mladinic transports us to a world where his alluring mistress resides and continues to exert an unrelenting influence over his mind and soul.

In the future, the new frontier of warfare is weather! Follow Michael McLaughlin’s fascinating tale of two ‘weather witches’ as they plot new stratagems and deploy tactics to defeat and demoralize their enemies.

To download a copy of the latest issue (or copies of prior issues), please click here.

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