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Wade into tropical waters and take a fearless journey to Dr. Bozeau's island... You won't come back the same—that is, if you manage to come back at all!

Take a road trip with the fantastic, intergalactic, cinematic, aristocratic Prince of Rats!

Ever since Evan's mom found a new boyfriend in Mr. Green, things have been off. This could only be a job for the fearless Skeleton Boy and his 'partner in crime,' the Rabbit Princess!

This brilliant short story which takes some inspiration from Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron" is at once a solemn reflection as well as a powerful, satirical commentary on current events. 

We are pleased to bring you a very special interview with Steve Gronert Ellerhoff, PhD.

Delve into this layered and deep story of being and becoming—a man's journey of searching for others and finding himself. 

What's the formula for a happy marriage you might ask? Well, read on, but you won't find it in this exquisite short story!

Bewitch: c. 1200, from 'biwicchen,' "to cast a spell on; enchant, subject to sorcery," from be- + Old English wiccian "to enchant, to practice witchcraft". Literal at first, and with implication of harm; figurative sense of "to fascinate, charm past resistance" is from 1520s...

The care dog is behaving strangely. What's gotten into him is anybody's guess...

As the old saying goes, "Love thy neighbor"... especially if that neighbor is a beautiful, enchanting witch!

This beautiful, melodic prose takes us up and away from Earth to Luna, where things are not quite the same in the mirrorverse.

A beautiful, lyrical poem about what makes us tick.

An innovative, fun, and clever speculative poem introducing us to an incredible  kitchen appliance that we absolutely must take with us to the stars in all its newfangled glory!

In these wonderful handful of verses, the poet asks us, "why?" — why go to the stars only to recreate the mess we've wrought on Earth? Why indeed!

Things can get complicated quickly in exobiology, especially when it comes to mating season...

Graceful, lyrical ballet on offer in this beautiful poem of transformation, mirroring the elegant, precise, and inherently beatific motion of the planets and stars.

What is the power of a flag? What magic does it hold over us?  Find out by reading this brilliant, post-apocalyptic speculative short story by Mark Pearce.

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